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Consumer Rights


 When your orders which you has given from our site was delivered to cargo, your cargo shipment details is sent automatically to your e-mail address which is registered in our system.

With the help of this e-mail, you can learn when your product(s) delivered to cargo.

Besides, when you enter your membership details to our site, you can access to necessary informations without waiting from order tracking link.

 I faced a problem with my order. What do I have to do?

 The products which hamam.com.eu is selling, is undergoing damage control immediately packaging before delivered to shipping company. İt is doubtful to send damaged product from our company to customers.  But as the nature of sensitive, products, directly or cargo during transport can reduce the damage may be caused. In such a case you need to do;

When you get your order delivered by courier staff, surely you have to control out of the package against a case of damage and if there is, you have to say courier staff to prepare “Damage Assessment Record”  if there is a problem.

 (Example: When the product reached to me, controlled and seen it is damaged.)

 If you realize a damage case after you take over your product, you have to contact with cargo Office and request help from them for preparation “Damage Assessment Record”  If you can’t get any support from cargo Office please contact us about problem.

When you send us back the damaged product after preparation of damage record, we will start rapidly to the Exchange process and give information to you.

IMPORTANT: You have to send us back the damaged product by the same cargo company which delivered

product to you. For example; if we sent product to you by DHL Cargo, you also have to send it back to us by DHL Cargo, otherwise there has been problems at the time of cargo compensation of product.

 The invoice wasn’t delivered together with order, What do I need to do?

 The all orders which are delivered by cargo company has been allowed to cargo company with invoice and according to invoice.

 Our official invoices are an integral part of your order which is shipped to you.

Is the cargo company delivering to address for abroad shippings?

 You are liable to pay the tax of products which you received at customs because of you didn’t pay VAT for your orders abroad.

At the same time the taxes which can be exist during customs processes will be paid by the authorized staff of cargo company without invoke you to customs and will be delivered to your address.  During delivery, the taxes which are paid previous instead of you during customs process will be collected by the cargo staff.

The cargo companies don’t get customs commission.

 What do we need to do during the delivery of cargo?

 While the cargo staff is beside you, you can open and control the cargo package after sign the delivery form when the products which you gave an order from our website. If there is any falsity or shortage in the package content, you can send us back or give us information after have a report made for cargo.

It is enough you to give us information immediately if you have any problem with cargo staff in such cases.

If the product package reached to you damaged or deformed don’t receive the package and sent it back to us. If you realized that the package is damaged after delivery, you need to send it back to us after have a report made to cargo staff. When we received back the products, your problems will be processed to our records and the new products will be sent to you as soon as possible.

 I want to give back product(s). What do I need to do?

 As a ground rule you can give back the product you bought from our site in 8 days after delivery date with the invoice which hamam.com.eu arranged and a note contents your giving back reason.


If the invoice of the product which you want to give back is institutional, need to send it back with return invoice which the association arranged while you are giving back.


The overall return conditions are like below;

  • The returns must be done with the original box or package at any rate. 
  • Original box / packaging is corrupted (for example, the original box on the shipping label affixed and cargo duct tape and taped products are not accepted), re-salability property lost, another customer purchased by persons unable to products which are not returned are not acceptable. 
  • You need to send original invoice (with all copies you have) and a note which contains reason of return together with product which you want to give back.
  • If the product(s) which you want to give back is defective, the cargo fee will be paid by our company.

How can I contact with you?

 You can convey all your questions from our head Office telephone numbers or [email protected]

 When do you ship my order?

 Your all products which you gave an order from our site, is delivered to cargo as soon as possible. If a problem exists at the stage of production prepare, all reports will be sent by our authorized to your e-mail address which is registered in our system.

Under usual conditions, for abroad shipments our lead time changes between 3 to 4 days after courier picked up your parcel.